Should I book a cleaner?

In short. Yes!

If you can afford it, give it a go for 6 months and see if it works for your family .

Do yourself a favour and just book the cleaner – I’ll save you the research: Absolute Domestics are a decent agency – or ask around. Cleaners cost between $25 per hour (cash in hand) – $40 per hour for an agency cleaner.

I have two cleaners – once a fortnight a three hour deep clean $90 (bathrooms, windows etc.) on the opposite week I have a ‘Mother’s Helper/Tidier’ who helps out with washing /tidying /organising for two hours at $50.

This costs our family $70 per week.*

There is still a great deal of daily cleaning, washing etc. that I need to do to keep the house running but the extra help keeps it to a manageable level.

It also helped a lot with the feeling of simmering resentment that was building up by bearing the full brunt of the child rearing and household chores/mental load and working.

I have two children (3 and 5) I’m at work 20 hours per week. My husband works up to 60 hours per week and his contribution towards the housework and child rearing midweek is minimal. He bulk cooks for our family and is a devoted Dad on the weekends.

We were both putting in 100% effort but there were still gaps that needed to be filled.

Instructions for Bleach Bath to Treat Eczema

This is not medical advice – please do your own research and consult with your GP or dermatologist.

It’s a small dilution of bleach 12 Milliletres per 10 Litres of lukewarm bath water and 1/3 cup of pool salt. I haven’t used with the bath oil as I didn’t have any on hand.
Soak the whole body for 10 mins (we set a timer), we also wash face and head.
Follow up with a soft pat dry with a fresh towel (new towel every bath) and lather with moisturising cream (we use Dermaveen ointment). 
We use a big plastic tub set in the bathtub to make the bath tall enough and not use up too much bath water and products.
It works really well for Miss 3 (she has Ecezma) and it is cheap and low risk to try. I’ve read it is similar dilution to being in a swimming pool .
I couldn’t find any medical journals about using bleach baths to treat psoriasis but I did find this BBC news article:
It has made such an incredible difference to our Miss 3 – she was constantly chronically itchy before bleach baths –  I would say her itchiness has decreased by 90% and now easily managed with a bleach bath once a week and sparing use of steroid cream.
It took two years, five visits to two different GPs and two different dermatologists ($400 per visit) to eventually be prescribed this simple and cheap treatment.

Embrace the mess

I consider it a badge of honour if my friends allow me to visit their messy home. I always tidy up for a big party of planned event – but if you are my tribe – if you ‘pop-in’ to visit me on a regular basis, you will see my house in various states or tidy (the days the cleaner has been or possibly total disarray (the days after I have worked two days in a row and before I have started tidying.

I’m ok with that, I would rather see you smiling face. Let our kids play and add the mess than not have you visit at all.

I’d rather the kids play with their stuff, the playdough, the arts and crafts, the splashy baths, the glitter the glue and those teeny tiny beads.

With enough warning of your visit, sure I’ll do the mad ‘Visitors are coming – I need a space at the dining table to sit!’

I have made it a habit to not apologise for the mess, instead, I say – welcome, make yourself at home. Would you like a cup of coffee!

Scary Mommy – Stop apologising for your messy home – I hear you sister!

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Business Women Who Rock

This page is a shout out to the amazing women I know who have followed their dreams and started their own Business

Rachel and Bridget and Oser Design – for all your home Styling needs.


Bonfire Candles
They create distinctive, eco friendly, triple scented soy candles with unisex appeal that ignites discovery and warms the soul of our candle tribe. Each candle is hand wicked, hand poured and hand labeled using small batch processes and 100% natural soy wax.

Our products use biodegradable plant-based and US grown soy wax which is free from crude oil and other nasty chemicals. Our cotton core wicks are made from natural fibres and free from lead and other harmful metals. We love our environment and encourage recycling of our vessels after use.

Experience the Bonfire Candle Co. collection today.


Postpartum Hospital Stay

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Ideas to make your hospital stay more comfortable

  • Ice packs for your lady bits (you might have to ask for them).
  • Panadol is good for after birth pains.
  • Consider asking for a stool softener like Metamucil
  • Don’t feel like you need to accept visitors – especially for the evening visiting hours – (if you don’t want to).
    Mum and baby are resting/sleeping should be enough reason for people not to visit.
  • Heat packs are good for muscle aches and pains postpartum
  • Be prepared to turn away anyone who visits who is not in 100% health.
  • If it stings when you wee, a pump bottle with warm water poured between your legs when you wee helps too.
  • If you have a little freezer (or fridge) in your room put some water on two huggies nappies to make boobie ice packs.

During your hospital stay

If you’re well enough to, it helps to go outside and see the sun and get some fresh air during the day. Being in hospital with a newborn can be a weird time vortex where days blur into nights.

A bit of fresh air and sunshine helps with keeping a good sleeping pattern.

I barely left the room for 5 days when we had our first baby and it felt so good to breathe the air and see the sun when we left.

Seems silly now but I felt like I couldn’t leave the hospital (we also had a constant revolving door of visitors) although in hindsight there was no reason I couldn’t have left our daughter with my husband for 10mins to have a quiet coffee and a few minutes alone to gather my thoughts.

Motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint, you’ve got a lifetime to get to know your baby as do all of your enthusiastic visitors

If you’re not up for visitors it won’t hurt anyone to wait until you’re ready (immediate Grandparents would be the exception – wild horses will not keep them away!

Consider asking all family to have their Whooping Cough Vaccination if they will be visiting baby during the first 6 weeks.

When you get home

It’s a six week recovery time so be gentle on yourself.

A gentle postpartum massage by a qualified therapist is great for smoothing out postpartum aches and pains.

It takes a while to recover from the birth you’ll get your body back (almost) like before in a few months.



Music Festivals for Families

If you thought your Music Festival Days were over now that you’re a parent, think again.

Whilst not for the faint-hearted if you arm yourself with an appetite for adventure, a sense of humor and a big bag of patience – a great time can be had by all!

Splendour in the Grass oh how we love you!
‘Little Splendour’ designed especially for kids and including optional paid babysitting services for 2-hour blocks.

Let us guess… you used to go to festivals but now some rock tots and young punks are cramping your style? Don’t leave them at home. Bring them to Splendour with you!

At Splendour in the Grass, children aged 12 and under get in for free! We have families covered with a chilled-out camping area, Rock & Roller Wagons, babysitting, Little Splendour (a festival for kids within the festival) and more.

Let’s hear it for the Kidz! Little Splendour, presented by Kidzklub Australia is here to save the day…for parents. We’ve got your back so you’ll never have to miss your favourite act. From preschoolers to preteens, Little Splendour is a whole world of wonder for the entire fam.

Opening from 10am to 5pm daily, Little Splendour is fully fenced and secured and designed exclusively for parents, carers and vertically challenged tots to relax, play and unleash their wild side.
*As published on the Splendour in the Grass website 

Woodford Folk Festival is a family event.

Tamworth Country Music Festival

Blues and Roots Festival

Birthday Cakes

One of the fun parts of parenting is celebrating each year with a cake.

From the $5 Woolies mud cake covered in smarties to extravagant fondant masterpieces you can be sure that it will be a highlight to your child.

If you love making cakes by all means – go all out, but if it’s not your thing – don’t stress there is no shame in ordering a cake from the local bakery or picking up a $5 sponge or mud cake from Woolies.

Play your strengths!

Watermelon cake


Woolies Cake Hacks

Household Tips for New Parents

Reduce your housework for the first 6 weeks and beyond.

The less time you need to spend on cooking and cleaning in the first 6 weeks – the more time you have to stare into the eye of your tiny Human and sleep whenever you can.

Order your groceries online
Home delivered Fruit and Veggies.
The quality of the fruit and veg was excellent and much fresher than grocery store fruit and veg.


Book in a fortnightly cleaner to do the heavy cleaning (change the sheets / vacuum / mop and scrub the bathrooms) especially for the 6 weeks postpartum. If you can afford it would be nice to have from 34 weeks – 3 months at a minimum or until you feel like you don’t need it anymore.

A 2-3 hour clean once a fortnight is a small investment for a good return.

A cleaner will cost between $25-$40 per hour

Dinners – this is a time to treat yourselves
Order a dinner service like ‘Dinner Ladies’ once a week (more if you can afford it)
-Some Dinner Ladies meals are designed to go in the freezer to save for a busy day.

-Have a dedicated Take Away night where your partner brings (a reasonably healthy) take away dinner home on their way from work.
Or you could Uber Eats

Milk and bread

If your partner is working ask them to try to bring home milk and bread on a daily basis – or if they are still at home with you ask one of your regular visitors like your Mum, Dad, sibling or best friend.

It’s a hungry time with lots of cups of tea and coffee.

Freezer Cook Ups
Make Sunday cook up day and cook big batches for the freezer (Spag bol)
Make it a fun family event – dress up in aprons – talk in French accents.

Freeze food in meal-sized portions and clearly label in the freezer