Instructions for Bleach Bath to Treat Eczema

This is not medical advice – please do your own research and consult with your GP or dermatologist.

It’s a small dilution of bleach 12 Milliletres per 10 Litres of lukewarm bath water and 1/3 cup of pool salt. I haven’t used with the bath oil as I didn’t have any on hand.
Soak the whole body for 10 mins (we set a timer), we also wash face and head.
Follow up with a soft pat dry with a fresh towel (new towel every bath) and lather with moisturising cream (we use Dermaveen ointment). 
We use a big plastic tub set in the bathtub to make the bath tall enough and not use up too much bath water and products.
It works really well for Miss 3 (she has Ecezma) and it is cheap and low risk to try. I’ve read it is similar dilution to being in a swimming pool .
I couldn’t find any medical journals about using bleach baths to treat psoriasis but I did find this BBC news article:
It has made such an incredible difference to our Miss 3 – she was constantly chronically itchy before bleach baths –  I would say her itchiness has decreased by 90% and now easily managed with a bleach bath once a week and sparing use of steroid cream.
It took two years, five visits to two different GPs and two different dermatologists ($400 per visit) to eventually be prescribed this simple and cheap treatment.