Reducing the amount of time you spend washing

Washing for a family of three can take up lots of time.

Ask yourself if the item can be worn again – if it can be them fold it or hang it and put it back away.

It’s better for your clothes, they last longer and better for the environment.

Jeans, jumpers (worn over T-Shirts) and anything else that’s not directly on your skin can be worn more than once.

Underwear, gym clothes and socks are one wear only (of course).

When swimming with a family consider only taking one small towel

Use a picnic rug to sit on at the beach instead of getting a bunch of towels sandy

Flick clothes when you hang them out

Hang clothes in categories when you put them on the line (whos clothes they are)

Pair socks when you hang them, out and them together when you take them off the line.

Fold them into the basket for who they are for

Some believe in sorting – others not so much.

I personally believe that the extra time I spend sorting helps my clothes to stay nicer, longer so I think it’s worth the time.

Have a divided dirty clothes basket for colours / whites/ towels / blacks/ colours etc.

Instruct the people in your house (who are old enough) that you will only wash the clothes that are placed in the correct baskets

– Fold straight off the clothesline and only iron clothes that really need it.
– Leave ironing of clothes to the person who wears it (husbands iron own business shirts – Kids 12 and over maybe younger depending on your child iron clothes if they want the ironed.

-Roll clothes instead of folding them (Marie Kondo style).