Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Rather than buy Mum lots of ‘stuff’ here are some thoughtful and practical ideas to help with those busy newborn days.

Dinner lady service.
A single meal or a week’s worth of dinners

Cleaning service (like Absolute Domestics)

In Lieu of flowers send Food!

Cake! Cinnamon Scrolls from Oregano Bakery

Pinky Mackay Bookie Bickies

Healthy Museli Bars like Carmen’s Museli Bars

Gifts for Mum

Peter Alexander Pajamas for the new Mum – buy her normal size with a soft elastic waistband (rather than maternity). Shorts for a Summer Birth or long lightweight pants for a winter birth paired with a soft bonds maternity singlet.

Bonds maternity singlets (Check her size first) buy two in a bigger cup size for the first few weeks when books are bigger.

First-time Mums might appreciate some of the following items

Breastfeeding Cover

Nappy Bag

Mimco nappy bags are great
(these can often be bought on sale at 20% – keep your eye out for sales or ask in store when they think their next sale will be).

Gifts for Babies
Bonds Zippy Onsies are gorgeous – consider buying in bigger sizes like 000, 00 and 0 rather than 0000 as these will only fit a small newborn for the first 3-6 weeks.

Remember to buy for the season the baby will fit the clothing (not the current season you are buying in).

Bonds often goes on sale at up to 40% off so try not to buy full price if you can.