Household Tips for New Parents

Reduce your housework for the first 6 weeks and beyond.

The less time you need to spend on cooking and cleaning in the first 6 weeks – the more time you have to stare into the eye of your tiny Human and sleep whenever you can.

Order your groceries online
Home delivered Fruit and Veggies.
The quality of the fruit and veg was excellent and much fresher than grocery store fruit and veg.


Book in a fortnightly cleaner to do the heavy cleaning (change the sheets / vacuum / mop and scrub the bathrooms) especially for the 6 weeks postpartum. If you can afford it would be nice to have from 34 weeks – 3 months at a minimum or until you feel like you don’t need it anymore.

A 2-3 hour clean once a fortnight is a small investment for a good return.

A cleaner will cost between $25-$40 per hour

Dinners – this is a time to treat yourselves
Order a dinner service like ‘Dinner Ladies’ once a week (more if you can afford it)
-Some Dinner Ladies meals are designed to go in the freezer to save for a busy day.

-Have a dedicated Take Away night where your partner brings (a reasonably healthy) take away dinner home on their way from work.
Or you could Uber Eats

Milk and bread

If your partner is working ask them to try to bring home milk and bread on a daily basis – or if they are still at home with you ask one of your regular visitors like your Mum, Dad, sibling or best friend.

It’s a hungry time with lots of cups of tea and coffee.

Freezer Cook Ups
Make Sunday cook up day and cook big batches for the freezer (Spag bol)
Make it a fun family event – dress up in aprons – talk in French accents.

Freeze food in meal-sized portions and clearly label in the freezer

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